Acute and Urgent Care

If you or your child is an established patient here at Eastside Natural Medicine (please note, this DOES NOT apply for patients of Mercedes Alice, ARNP) and have an urgent medical need, we do our best to have times set aside in our day for just this purpose and you may call the front desk to schedule a visit. **Times are very limited lately as there is high demand everywhere. Please know we will do our best to accommodate.**

If you are having an urgent medical need and it is after hours or during a weekend, you may page our Answering Service at 866-278-7336.  Please note that there may be a $60 charge for this page and resulting phone consultation. Again, this DOES NOT apply to Mercedes Alice, ARNP patients unless you’re established with one of the other physicians.


If your concern cannot wait until the next business day but is not a life threatening emergency, you may utilize any number of Urgent Care clinics in the area:

As always, if you or your child is experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency, please call 911 and/or report to your nearest Emergency Room