Andrea Henderson LM, CPM, IBCLC

Northshore Midwives & Lactation Consulting

Licensed Midwife & Lactation Consultant

I wanted to be a “doctor who delivers babies” since I was young, “a calling” some would say.  As a child, I did not know what a midwife was, but I have always been interested in pregnant women, birth, babies and breastfeeding.

I started my midwifery journey at Central Washington University, working towards a BS in Pre-Midwifery, a degree that I helped to develop with my advisors. I continued my education at the Seattle Midwifery School, earning a certificate in midwifery.  Upon graduation, I enjoyed catching hundreds of babies while working at the Puget Sound Birth Center and the Eastside Birth Center.  Additionally, I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

I have nursed all three of my own children, including twins. Having breastfed one baby, then experiencing some difficulties while breastfeeding the twins, I understand the potential breastfeeding hurdles other women may face. I offer private in office breastfeeding consultations. For more information on having a lactation consultation please see our Lactation Consultation Services page.

I genuinely love my career as a midwife and lactation consultant. I have discovered that there is nothing I would rather do than assist women and their families during the miraculous time of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  As a midwife, it is my responsibility to empower families through individualized education and support as well as to safeguard the birth experience while recognizing the normalcy of the entire process.

My first child was born at home in the care of midwives. This home birth was an amazing experience that strengthened my understanding of the precious time surrounding birth.  My twins were born in a hospital. Both of my births have been beneficial life experiences. Having birthed in both home and hospital settings has been beneficial to me as a midwife, expanding my personal knowledge so I can relate more fully to clients and their own experiences. My experiences have deepened my understanding of how valuable and essential the quality of care is that licensed midwives and lactation consultants provide. I am deeply committed to this holistic model, which includes one-on-one care with a dedication to respect and dignity.

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Andrea practices in a group alongside Sadie Whitten & Felicia Dunbar, please visit their website to learn more about her team!