Dr. Nitin Thapa ND, MD (Russia)

Eastside Natural Medicine

I was born and raised in Nepal. Growing up, I witnessed people suffering and dying prematurely because of lack of access to health care. This became the motivating factor for me to become a Doctor. I went to study medicine in Russia and graduated from the Tver State Medical Academy- one of Europe’s oldest and prestigious medical academies and received special clinical training in family medicine. With an MD degree in General Medicine, I went back to Nepal and worked tirelessly, helping sick and enriching my clinical and surgical skills. I treated an array of systemic, infectious, psychological and surgical ailments.

I always had a keen interest in pediatrics and soon, I joined Kanti Children’s Hospital – a tertiary level pediatric hospital in Kathmandu. I worked in Pediatric Internal Medicine and specialty clinics like ER, Pediatric Surgery, NICU and PICU. I managed healthy kids as well as kids with severe, life threatening infectious and non-infectious diseases. Besides practicing medicine in hospitals and clinics, I was also actively involved in promoting community health awareness programs and running free health camps for poor and vulnerable population of the society.

I moved to the USA to escape violence that the country was going through due to political conflicts. While pursuing an advanced medical career here in the USA, I worked as a Medical Assistant at Allegro Pediatrics in Redmond and learned a lot about developmental disorders, childhood obesity and the scope of preventative medicine in America.

To pursue expertise in preventative medicine, I enrolled in Bastyr University and completed my training as a Naturopathic Physician gaining expertise in both preventive and curative medicine. At Bastyr, I learned botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, counseling, physical medicine and the same time refreshed and updated my conventional medical knowledge and skills. My ND education included preceptorship with ND Family Practitioners, ND Pediatricians, and MD Family practitioners.

My focus is on all aspects of pediatric care, from birth to young adult. I will be working closely with you and your child with a more natural, and holistic approach to promote physical, cognitional and emotional health of your child. I will also prescribe and suggest a more conventional approach when needed. Having expertise in both allopathic and naturopathic medicine, I believe that integrating the best of both brings the best results.