Lactation & Reproductive Health Care

Reproductive Health:

Preventative care means taking care of your body, mind and spirit before illness sets in. We listen to your story and answer your questions. We schedule our visits to allow time to educate you on what you need to know to stay healthy. It’s your exam. It’s your health. Schedule an appointment for:

  • Annual Exams, including pap smears and routine cancer screening
  • Birth Control, including IUD and Nexplanon placement
  • Vaginal Infection Checks
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing
  • Transgender & Gender-Affirming Care
  • Pre-Conception Counseling
  • Breast Exams & Mammogram Referrals

Lactation Services:

Your breastfeeding relationship with your baby can be so full of love, tenderness, and joy. It can also be full of frustration, pain, and confusion. Let us help you and your baby find breastfeeding success and find pleasure in nursing. We find ways to improve breastfeeding issues that are based in science and are realistic for an exhausted new mom.

Who can benefit from breastfeeding support?

  • Your baby has a tight, shallow, or painful latch
  • You have cracked or bleeding nipples
  • You have low milk supply
  • You have oversupply
  • You have questions about tandem nursing or inducing lactation
  • Your baby has a tongue tie or lip tie
  • Your baby is not gaining enough weight

We offer the following therapies for breastfeeding babies and their breastfeeding parents:

We offer frenotomy (tongue tie release) at our clinic if we feel like tongue tie may be contributing to your breastfeeding challenges. We can release both anterior and posterior tongue ties, and upper lip ties if needed. Click here for more Frenotomy Information.