Pediatric Teaching Clinic

Beginning in July 1, 2019, Eastside Natural Medicine will serve as a clinical teaching site for Bastyr University, in addition to our accredited residency program. The aim of this clinical rotation is for students of naturopathic medicine, with advanced standing and additional course work in pediatrics, to receive specialized training in pediatric primary care. This is also a unique opportunity for the families in our care to be engaged in the development and evolution of our new generation of doctors. Most importantly, it’s fun!  You have a team of excited and engaged people looking forward to be part of your and your family’s care.

As the Clinic Director and in her role as an educator, Dr. Sunita Iyer will be the Clinical Faculty and Supervisor for this teaching clinical rotation. She will be prioritzing these slots for her established pediatric patients who are looking to have her present in their care with an emphasis on well-child care, pediatric acute care, and immunizations.  Ultimately, all are welcome!

Our team of providers here at Eastside Natural Medicine will still be available for care outside of this clinical rotation. This teaching clinic is an integrated innovation and option within the care we provide here; it is not an either-or scenario. The difference lies in Dr. Sunita’s hands-on curation and involvement in this expansion of our services with which you can still utilize your health care insurance (including Medicaid plans) and have an enthusiastic, engaged team involved in your care.  If families are uninsured or do not have coverage for naturopathic physicians under their plans, they can be seen free of charge in this teaching clinic.

How Does This Work?

As a teaching clinic, we offer a Team Care approach. Your kiddos and your family will benefit from the combined education, training, research efforts and experience of a Clinical Supervisor and two advanced student clinicians. The Clinical Supervisor is intimately involved with each patient’s case and approves all diagnoses and treatment plans. As the team lead and supervisor, this is the role that Dr. Sunita will play in your care.

With the Team Care approach, we are also able to accomodate more appointments in a given time slot. Our teaching clinical rotation will be available Thursdays 2:00 to 5:00pm, with two to three appointments available at a time, and advanced student clinicians working with your family under supervision. You can call our front desk or schedule online to set up your appointment in our teaching clinic and get on our schedule! The time slots are double-booked (our online schedule does not yet allow for this) so if you don’t see what you need, feel free to call and we can add you on.

Dr. Sunita will facilitate how they conduct care, be present to answer your questions and during the administration of any immunizations, and work with them to develop any treatment plans and continuity of care, not unlike how many of our families experience midwifery care or care in teaching institutions, i.e Seattle Children’s.

As such, you have the opportunity to join her in educating and growing our new generation of innovative primary care and pediatric physicians. We are grateful in advance for your partnership and trust. And mostly, she looks forward to seeing many of you again!